11th December 2018

The benefits of a business intranet

An intranet is a private network accessible only to an organisation’s staff, unlike the internet. It is a handy way to make your business files and tools easily accessible for employees, as well as a platform to broadcast information in real-time. Colleagues can connect and stay up-to-date with your business news and with staff profiles and content analytics, an intranet is a necessary tool for building a modern and cohesive work environment. We are also able to customise the design to support […]
30th November 2018

How to speak ‘designer’

Confused by design jargon and tech-talk? Don’t know your .eps from your css? When working with designers, it can sometimes feel daunting when faced with specific terminology if you’re not in the business yourself. Our WonDesigners never want to make you feel confused or overwhelmed, so we’ve but together a (very small) jargon buster for you to get to grips with some commonly used creative lingo!   PRINT CMYK vs Pantone CMYK is an acronym for the pigments/inks used in […]
20th November 2018

The power of PowerPoint

PowerPoint presentations are a great visual accompaniment to speeches, exhibits, pitches or even classroom lessons, however, getting it ‘right’ can be somewhat tricky if you aren’t absolutely clear on what you are trying to say and why. Before you approach a designer to create a bespoke presentation for you, there are a few things you should bear in mind when providing a brief: TARGET AUDIENCE. Who are they and why are they there? Knowing this will help the designer tailor […]
13th November 2018

Establish credibility and build confidence in your business with references and testimonials

As consumers, we often ask others about a product before we invest; the same goes for hotels, businesses and services. We trust businesses which have positive and honest references and testimonials by real people because there’s reliability in numbers! Testimonials work as a great sales pitch, providing details about the customer experience that you may not even think about; helping you to develop and understand what your strengths are. They also give your business a personable feel, which is why […]
12th July 2018

We all know there are many forms of design

We all know there are many forms of design: interior; architecture; fashion; game; industrial; landscape; product; urban and even sound and of course Graphic and Web (to name a few). There are a lot of differences between them, in particular the material used. The one thing all design does have in common is their purpose. “DESIGN IS THE ART OF DRAWING THE RIGHT KIND OF ATTENTION WHEN CREATING NECESSARY VISUALS TO BE VISUALLY PLEASING.” Says Caren, Director of WonDesigns. The […]
12th July 2018

Why would you want to spend money when you can do it for free?

It is a relevant question and it needs thought before settling on an answer. You may ask yourself why would you want to spend money when you can do it for free? That is often the first incorrect question to ask. It’s not the question itself that is incorrect, but rather the belief that if you do it yourself it is free. Do you not bill an hourly rate? What is your hourly rate valued at? Then add the hours […]
12th July 2018

So often a website is treated as a ‘begrudged purchase’

So often a website is treated as a ‘begrudged purchase’. The business owner understands they need to have one to ‘show that they are a viable business’. This business owner goes to the nearest web company and pays the minimum price and gets the minimum of what is available. Sadly, this has left the World Wide Web full of very sad looking websites, taking up valuable cyber space and hurting the viewer’s eyes. Or, how about websites that are born […]
12th July 2018

Marketing with your logo

The old saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’ can be thrown out the door in the marketing world. Everything you present to the world will be judged, publicly and subconsciously. Your logo is a valuable marketing tool. It says more than you may think about your company. Your logo is often the first thing potential clients see and therefore is what their first impression will be based on. The right logo will draw your targeted clientele in, explaining […]